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The Gambit

Wednesday, August 09, 2006



the risky turtle is on its way


soon very soon...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

i'm pissed...

i just wrote a long blog... and somehow blogger lost it when i tried to spell check it...


Hi Everyone...

Monday, February 06, 2006

thy kingdom come...

Okay... I know I told you in my last post that you have to check out Waiter Rant, but today you really have to check out this post. I don't want to ruin it for you because its such a profound story with a great moral to it.

Read it.

Then ask yourself what little things can we do to make it heaven on earth?

any suggestions?

Saturday, February 04, 2006

head cold...

song of the day: Sleeping In/The Postal Service

Just gotta love a song that makes you think of Super Mario Brothers and staying home from school on a cold winter day... ahhh the memories. sniffle, slurrrrrrp.... Please excuse me as I use my sleeve to wipe my nose... ahh much better. However I know I'll have to do it again in 10 seconds. At least there is relief for now. Well, with all my head a swimming in green goo... I thought I would share some things that have made me laugh and smile the last couple days. Thought I'd share some of these thoughts, and links with ya! =) Hope you all enjoy!

Daily Oliver : What a great idea for a site! click on the "?" above the picture for more info... its easy to figure out.

Super Mario Brothers sound effects! : Ahhhh! the sounds of childhood! this is cool.

Waiter Rant : Oh... I can relate to this... and everyone will find this extremely entertaining.

If you've seen Brokeback Mountain... or even know the concept of the movie... and if you are a fan at all of Back to the future.... then you MUST SEE... Brokeback To The Future. (this had me laughing my tail off.... must have high speed internet otherwise it can be slow. )

Thats all for now... I hope some of this made you smile... =)

off in search of another kleenex

Thursday, February 02, 2006

breaking the habit...

Breaking the habbit / Linkin Park

Wow... just look at my last 8 or so posts... can we all say depressing?!? haha! Well, I hope that is about to change. There is much changing in my life. I don't want to dump it all on you in one blog, it would hurt your eyes and you'd leave frustrated that I don't make sense and never come back to my blog.

So what is changing? what is new? First things first. I am now an employee of Ameriprise Financial. I am going to be an Associat Series 6. To be honest, I don't even really know what that is. All I know is that I will be assisting customers who want to make trades, changes and updates to their securities, mutual funds, etc... The biggest thing is that it gives me an "IN" into a large company. Somewhere that I can prove my worth. So now my life will be filled with cubicle chat and rush-hour dashes home to see my wife and baby! I couldn't be more excited.

That is my first bit of news... and from reading batch of posts... I'm sure that you think that its the most life changing. Ask me 4 months ago and I would say yes. However, my life has really been changing recently and I'm learned some things about myself that have me feeling better than I've felt in 10 years.

I'll be posting regularly again.... Please come back and read and comment away... I'm anxious to share.

Cheers... ;)

Here is something to make you laugh! =P

Little bits of fun!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

greetings from the other side...

hey everyone, I hope all is well in your worlds. I've sat down to blog like 200+ times in the past couple weeks, yet every time I sit, my mind goes blank. Maybe its more like I would not like to blubber on about more needless problems that I seem to find myself getting into.

Anyway, I am not dead. I just have no voice. Though I do have a little one coming VERY soon and I'm completely pumped up about that... however, I have no job, and I can't seem to find anything at all. I'm not kidding when I say that the only way to get a job in this world is to have someone GIVE it to you... you have to know someone who has power. And simply put, I don't. I have applied for over 40 entry lvl positions... only to get 2-3 interviews. ENTRY LVL PEOPLE!!! jobs that I'm COMPLETLY OVER QUALIFIED FOR! yet i can't get an interview, and three fourths of the time I can't even get a person or contact information on anyone who can help me, i keep getting reffered to the internet.... and this WONDERFUL thing we call the internet is EXTREMELY impersonal. "thank you for applying, don't reply to this e-mail, we'll contact you" ... BULLSHIT! So... Blogdom... if anyone has any suggestions. I'm open for anything. I have a college degree and 4 years work experience in my field. Human Resource Development... (training and adult education) Customer Service skills and excellent sales skills. Just post a comment if anyone has any suggestions. and temp staffing agencies are a nightmare.... so please don't go there.... Unless you have a GOOD contact within one, cuz if you don't... and you just call up or go in... they treat you like a 15 year old boy with nothing to do... and like you have NO intellegence.... blah blah blah... now i'm just rambling...


Monday, November 14, 2005


Song of the day: Hallelujah (live) / Matt Patrick - Time Flies

Its been a long time. A long time since I wrote. A long time since a song hit me so hard. The song of the day is off Matt Patrick's newest album. Many of you know Matt and his wife Diane. Incredible people with incredible hearts. Matt is a fantastic musician. A musician, with a talent for the instrument (any and all instuments) as well as voice. I don't know what it is in his voice, a slight cry, almost pleading call for God's love. Gotta hear it. you'll love it. Anyway its rare that i fall in to complete worship. Its been many years in fact. But for some reason, tonight I just happen to throw on my iPod and this song just slammed me.

Maybe its the place i'm in... Sort of an end of myself. At the end of my massive level of self control and pride. Wait... self-control is not what I mean ... rather perserverance is a better word. Anyway its nearing its end... I'm tired, wore out. My humor, confidence, self-esteem are all out the window... so it is at this spot I sit... Angry, tired, sore and confused.

I could go into all the little things that brought me into this place, but there is not enought memory on google's servers to store all the crap... but what I can tell you is that no matter what, no matter how hard you try to fight, how hard you try to hold on... we, in the end, do not have control. The almighty power struggle. Captain Dan's struggle with God on the boat in Forrest Gump... No matter what you do ...You can't stack the deck, you're delt the cards you are delt and you have to play em. Now I knew this 15 years ago. Most people know this. But do you really KNOW this? Do I really KNOW this? God is God... I am man... and thats that... This is where I am tonight... at a place where I am wrapped up in all the crappy cards that have been delt to me and then all the sudden through a song, or a circumstance or pure frustration... A moment of truth, a moment of clarity, if only for an instant.

Its not the cards man... you're cards aren't perfect. but you can still win...

and with that I awake and say, "Bless the Lord all my soul and all that is within me!"

i leave with this verse from the song on my lips.

I did my best
but it wasn't much
I couldn't feel
So I learned to touch
I've told the truth, I didn't come to fool ya

And even though it all went wrong
I'll stand before the Lord of Song
with nothing on my tongue but .... hallelujah..


Sorry if this made absolutely no sense to you... but it does to me and thats cool.

Thanks Carmi for the note, I've needed to write again. Thanks dude.

Good Mondays everyone!

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